Introducing our New YouTube Channel!

Hi All,

You will probably notice in the coming days/weeks that YouTube has released a new option for Channel styles. They have called it the ‘One Channel Design‘, and it aims to make your channel style more consistent across platforms, as well as giving you more customization options. At Webb Family Music, we have  upgraded to this new style, and decided to give you a quick tour of our new-look channel:

Our New YouTube Channel

The ‘One Channel’ design allows you to set a ‘trailer’ video for unsubscribed, to tease them into subscribing. We will retain the old setup, and set our latest video as the ‘trailer’ (See below). For Subscribed Users, you will see a custom layout based on whatever videos you have watched from our channel.

Main Pannel

Below this, you will find a list of playlists, which previously was found on the right hand sidebar. You can still find our most recent uploads, and now our most popular uploads right up the top of the list.


All that remains of the old sidebar is the links. We have a selection of channels we play music from, along with the new feature added by YouTube of ‘Related Channels’. This shows channels the YouTube thinks have similar content to our channel. (WARNING: we have no control over which channels appear in this list. If you find any inappropriate content turning up, please let us know as soon as possible, and we will remove the section.)



If you have questions please let us know. In the mean time, enjoy!

Liam Webb

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