Behind the Scenes – Firework

Wow, Firework has been a challenge! It is by far our most complex sound or video recording so far, with about 3 1/2 hours sound recording with 6 individual instrumental tracks, 2 hours of video recording with 10 different takes/angles and finally, 2 hours of video editing, all to produce a 3:01 long music video! But I think it has been worth it.

There are so many things to talk about in a behind the scenes post for this video that it is hard to know where to start. Our biggest challenge during recording the sound as a constantly change A string on the cello. Our cello, while it get the job done for jobs like this, is not of the highest quality and is very prone to losing its tuning.This is not usually a problem, but I have had too many experiences of A strings snapping during tuning, so I refused to touch it. It takes a bit of muscle power to turn the pegs, then force them in far enough to not slip back, and as no one else had the combination of skill/knowledge and strength to tune the A string, it stayed flat! (Note: When our cello teacher returns this week it will hopefully be brought back to normal!) What started out as just flat A, over the course of recording turned in first and A flat, and then eventually settled around a sharp G. As you can imagine, this presented some major problems in consistency of tuning, and probably accounts for about 95% of any tuning problems you notice in the video.

I am out of time now, but I will try and post some more info soon, with some photos.