Behind the Scenes – White Horse

White Horse has been one of the most interesting projects I have worked on so far. Besides being our first video of 2013, it is our second video using multiple angles and takes for the Video (See Chanson indoue on YouTube for the first). We followed our standard recording procedure for the audio, then moved on to the video. For ‘Chanson’ We had just copied the finished Master Track to a laptop, and had Nancy mime along while it played back. However, we found that due to severely deficient sound from the laptop speakers, it was next to impossible to have the laptop close enough to hear, yet not in the shot. We solved this problem by using a small set of earphones, hidden under Nancy’s hair (which is out of the usual plaits for this video!), and the laptop behind or beside her, whichever place was out of shot. This worked way better  in terms of accuracy of timing, which as you could imagine helped me a lot in editing! 🙂 The shed is an old cow shed on our block, currently used to house our one Sheep. The actual pen is next door, but the video looked better on the bales of straw and Lucerne beside it.

Nancy and Nathan setting up the playback equipment
Nancy and Nathan setting up the playback equipment. The sheep pen is on the right.

It took a bit of carting to get the camera, tripod, violin, laptop, headphones, music and lyre over, but with Nathan as an extra roadie, we managed.

Nancy and Nathan carrying the gear needed to film White Horse
Carrying some of the gear needed to film White Horse back to the house.

You can see the full Video on our YouTube Channel, or visit direct here.


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