Behind the Scenes – Allegro

We are in process of recording and editing our 30th song for YouTube. For this ‘special’ occasion we chose the first movement from Georg Philipp Telemann’s Violin Concerto TWV 51:G8, as arranged for Piano and Violin by John Weretka. We also decided to do a little extra with the video. But first we had some issues with recording.

We started this morning by recording the Piano part, and then tried the violin. Due to the technical difficulties of the piece, we had to do a number of takes in little sections, and after an hour or so, Nancy’s fingers had had enough. We finished the recording this afternoon to a reasonable standard, although it is still a fair bit behind Nancy giving a live performance of this song!

Nancy recording Violoin
Nancy after 1 hour 🙂
For the video, we went a little bit fancy, and got dressed up. We took the video in our lounge room, and to create a bit of Baroque atmosphere, Nathan was called in for some ‘fire-works’! We put candles on the mantelpiece, and even got a fire on the hearth for the first time in a couple of years. It was an interesting experience for the performers, as it got quite hot up close.

Nathan and the 'fire-works'
Nathan and the ‘fire-works’
Look out for the full video coming soon on our YouTube Channel, or on the site here.

Behind the scenes – Hot on the line

Hi All,

We thought you might like a glimpse into what happens when we record our songs. Since the purchase of our TASCAM multi-track recorder in December 2011, we have for the most part recorded each part separately, exported a master track, then played along to the master while recording the video. In the case of our newest recording, Hot on the line by Pamela Wedgwood, the timing was too difficult to get separately so we had to record the two parts at the same time. This is usually actually a longer process than the separate recordings, because it is not as easy to record little sections again if a mistake is made.

Anyway, here are two photos of Liam and Nathan recording ‘Hot on the line’. Look out for the video coming soon on our YouTube Page.

Liam Piano - Recording
Liam recording his Piano part
Nathan Clarinet - Recording
Nathan recording his Clarinet part